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WeDo is a beautiful to-do list app that gets the job done. Use it for yourself or collaborate with others.

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Remember Your To-Do's

Never forget a to-do again. With Smart Reminders, WeDo helps remind you of what needs to get done at the right time. You can also set a due date for critical deadlines.

"WeDo is like my second brain. In an incredible way, WeDo reminds me to work on my to-do's at the right time, I love it."

Brett Brewer Brett Brewer Founder of MySpace

Save Time With Lists

Time is precious and WeDo helps save as much of it as possible. Lists helps you organize your to-dos into categories and find the correct task with minimal effort. Manage any project, however small or large, with WeDo Lists.

"Loving WeDo a lot. Very simple and fun way to stay organized. And I love the lists feature...helps me and my team stay clear on the agenda.

Hilary Kerr Hilary Kerr Founder of Who, What, Wear

Get More Done with Others

WeDo is an incredible to-do list app that keeps you organized and efficient. But it's even better when you use it with your friends, family, or coworkers. Assign tasks, chat, and stay on top of what's getting done.

"Game changer for my team, and for my family. I use WeDo with the people in my life and it's very easy to collaborate. Highly recommend."

Josh Payne Josh Payne Founder of Stack Commerce

All of These People Love WeDo :)

"So intuitive. So beautifully designed. First time I feel like I can wrap my head around my various projects and tasks and groups of collaborators and see the pattern, the connections in a really clear way. Brilliant."

Monika Rowan

"Love this app. It has done a tremendous job helping me manage my personal tasks."

Julie Henley

"I have been using the WeDo app for some basic task management this week and it really is the best to-do app I've ever used!"

Ryan McFerrin

"Kind of strange that I love a to do list app, but I really do. It's just so simple and easy to use."

Ed Dikotope

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