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Shared To-Do List & Personal Task Manager

WeDo is a simple, shared and private to-do list app that enables you and the people in your life to get tasks done.

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Get More Done with Others

Create grocery lists with your significant other, to-do lists for your big trip, or assignments for tasks with co-workers.

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"Kind of strange that I love a to-do list app, but I really do. It's just so simple and easy to use." - Ed Dikotope

Tasks and so much more

As simple as you want. As advanced as you need.

  • Reminders & Due Dates
  • Private & Personal
  • Repetitive Tasks
  • Shared Spaces
  • Attachments
  • Assigned To
  • Notes
  • Subtasks
  • Comments
  • Calendar Integration

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As simple as you want. As advanced as you need.