Hello everyone—

I'm Spencer, CEO here at WeDo.

Five years ago, I started WeDo to better understand how actions and behaviors affected productivity, wellness, health, and overall happiness.

WeDo became the #1 life manager, and helped nearly 1,500,000 users towards this goal.

Unfortunately, WeDo is shutting down on September 30th, 2020. This decision was not made lightly. This is every start-up's and user's worst nightmare. While we accomplished our mission of creating a tool that was so helpful to so many, we can no longer financially support it. Even today, tens of thousands of people enjoy WeDo every day - and for that, we are so delighted and grateful. Closing up has been one of the most painful realities and decisions I've ever had to make.

I'm sure a lot of you have questions, so we've created an FAQ below.

Why now? Since 2018, I've been investing my personal capital into WeDo to keep it alive and going. We've tried everything to give WeDo a chance of continuing. Unfortunately, I'm no longer able to support WeDo financially.

At the end of September 2020, WeDo will no longer be live on the App or Play Store (learn what this means in our FAQ below).

But, we learned a lot and are applying those lessons to what we do next. We want to continue building products that help you.

Check out Remote Labs if you'd like to keep up with what we're doing next, or if you're a product person or founder yourself, you can checkout something we're building called Build Better, helping teams build better products.

We can't wait to get your feedback on what we build.

Be well,
Spencer Shulem
CEO @ WeDo
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September 2020

P.S. If you want to hear the struggles of raising money for WeDo, you can listen to it here, on The Pitch.

What about my data?

We care about your privacy. Any user-identifiable data related to your account will be removed by the end of the month. We encourage you to copy over any lists, tasks, or habits to another service, so when we remove it on our end, on September 30th, the stuff you want isn't lost forever. Your content will be saved locally on your devices, though, as WeDo does work offline. Once you delete the app, that data will be lost, so make sure to transfer over any content you want to another platform before deleting the app.

For emails, though, we use a third party, GDPR compliant email service. You may continue to hear from us over email unless you unsubscribe.

If you want to make sure that you don't hear from us again, please make sure to unsubscribe to the email you last got from us.

Why not just keep it going forever?

We've built on underlying technologies, like iOS, Android, Mac, and things like Facebook login, all require yearly work to keep WeDo just to run. When you factor in making improvements and keeping up with the competition, it can get time-consuming and expensive.

With some of the updates these platforms have made recently, it isn't going to make sense to invest that capital and time to get WeDo to even "just work." This isn't to say that these platforms aren't changing for the better. It just means there is never a state where we can just "let WeDo run itself," and work on something new, unfortunately.

I have a subscription; what does that mean for me?

If you currently have a subscription and or are already logged in… you will be able to continue to use our product for as long as you want. We still encourage you to take this time to copy your tasks over to another platform, as we can't guarantee how long the app will work as operating systems get updated and change.

WeDo will stop accepting new users as of today. We will also prevent users from being able to start a new subscription with us.

You can cancel your subscription for iOS by going here for Android by going here, and for Stripe, those subscriptions were manually canceled and pro-rated.

What's next?

I had hundreds of interviews with users and responded to thousands of support tickets. I was brought to tears with many of the stories shared about how, why, and what WeDo did for you, and if I can speak for our investors, our team, and myself, we're so proud to have been part of something that helped so many people.

Our mission was to build products that dramatically improve people's lives, and while I'm happy that for many of you, that happened, we're not done yet.

You'll hear from us again if you're on our mailing list. Even today, Adam (CPO @ WeDo) and I have been thinking about and working on productivity tools to empower remote workers, and started Remote Labs. Remote Lab's first product is called Build Better, which is for product people and founders trying to build incredible experiences for their users (which has become even harder when working remote).


I’m really proud of what we built, and who most importantly who we built it with. The core team at WeDo was Adam Stanford, who built the mobile, desktop, and web app, along with a lot of the design of the app. Then we had Joey Benenati, who mostly focused on the backend, while helping with strategy, product, and fundraising.

While we kept small, we also had over a dozen people working on WeDo over the years, and some truly incredible investors that were all were talented and made this all possible.

Lastly of course there was myself, Spencer Shulem, who did whatever I could to get things out of these incredibly talented peoples way so they can focus on what they love doing.

Feel free to follow any of me on Twitter or follow along on what we're building at Remote Labs.